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About Us

Crest Co-operative Ltd is a social enterprise, based in North Wales.

Our Mission

Unlocking people’s potential through inclusion, innovation and enterprise, for the benefit of the community.

How we started

The company was established in 1998 and evolved from a project run by Scope.  The project was established with one of the very first lottery grants and the aim of the project was to establish a community co-operative, to help disabled and unemployed people increase their skills and gain employment – either within the co-operative or to move on to sustainable employment within the community.

The project ran for 3 years and at the end of the project the co-operative became a ‘Not For Profit Limited Company.’ A further lottery application was granted for the co-operative to develop vocational training courses, to help disadvantaged people who had become socially excluded to gain life skills, as well as real work experience, in a supported environment.  The co-operative established two community businesses, within which the training could be delivered.

Over the following five years the company evolved and saw the potential for the social sector to deliver recycling services – as this was likely to be a growth area for businesses within the UK.  Taking into consideration legislation that was being introduced in Wales to make recycling mandatory, Crest Co-operative developed three new enterprises all with recycling themes, with the ultimate aim of becoming a self-sustaining social enterprise, but at the same time taking care not to lose its original ethos of working with and supporting disadvantaged individuals.

Big Society Award Winners


Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Crest has an innovative and compassionate approach to tackling a range of social problems through one enterprise which really demonstrates what the Big Society can achieve. I’m pleased to be presenting Crest Co- operative with this award and hope they continue to grow and reach even more communities.”

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Investors In People
Investors In People

We are also a member of Social Funds Wales. Click here for more information.

Furniture Re-Use NetworkCrest Co-operative is a member of the Furniture Re-Use Network. For more information about the Furniture Re-Use Network please click here to view an informative poster or click here to view their website.


  • Working as part of the local community
  • Providing friendly and accessible services
  • Aiming for sustainability
  • Committed to quality/best practice delivery

Legal Status

Company Name:  Crest Co-Operative Ltd
Company Number:  3588496
Registered in England & Wales
VAT Number:  GB 869 7084 64
Registered Office:  Brierley House, Ferry Farm Road, Llandudno Junction, Conwy, LL31 9SF

Contract language is English

Crest Co-operative is a limited company with non-profit making status.

The membership of the co-operative is made up of key stakeholders and individuals, who receive services from the organisation.

Voluntary Directors are elected from its membership at the Annual General Meeting.  There are currently 7 Voluntary Directors with one place reserved for  a staff representative.  The Executive Committee meet on a bi-monthly basis throughout the year.