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Volunteer Q&A #4: John Jowett

John Jowett is our Part Time Administration Assistant but chooses to volunteer for a day and a half a week too! He answers the phones, does data inputting, is responsible for the filing and franking of letters. Here’s what he had to say about his time at Crest Co-operative!

Thanks for your time today and for all your contributions thus far in volunteering. How long have you volunteered at Crest Co-operative?
John: January 2016 – so almost three years!

What’s the best thing about volunteering at Crest?
John: I love the camaraderie and I like it here at Crest. Also it’s a social enterprise so I know that all the money goes back into the community.

Can you describe yourself in three words?
John: Tries his best!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
John: I’m a member of an amateur dramatics opera company – the Rhos on Sea Savoyards (go check them out here!). I’ve been a member for over 30 years!

Do you have a favourite member of staff and/or volunteer that you like to work with?
John: I like to work with everyone! I get on with everyone the same.

Any funny stories inside or outside of Crest that you want to mention?
John: I was stabbed on stage a few weeks ago! With a real knife! (Editor: He’s fine, don’t worry! These dramatic actors eh?)

Last question, why do you volunteer?
John: I like working with people and helping our community. Also, it just helps me, personally, as well.

Thanks for reading, and join us next time for another Volunteer Q&A!