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Crest in Motion #10

Check out what our staff, volunteers and clients been up to!

Here’s Becky, one of our excellent volunteers who work in our Work Opportunities department. They work really hard sorting through all of our donated textiles. It’s been a wonderfully busy 2019 so far – just look at how much clothes they have to sift through!

This here is Kevin who works in our cafe. Kevin’s favourite job is cleaning – he absolutely loves giving the tables and surfaces a scrub down! He works so fast the camera couldn’t focus on his hand!

Here’s Chris and Julian, a couple of Jack of all traders! They’re covering our Bulky Waste van here, and they’ve loaded a van full of scrap metal for us to take for recycling. Always doing our bit for the environment, and giving service with a smile while we do!

This fine gentleman goes by the name of Martin and he’s one of our newest volunteers. He helps out in our Llandudno Junction shop and has been a good addition to our Retail team. You could say he, ahem, swept us off our feet…!

And last but not least we return to Finance Assistant Josh, who’s been very busy recently, juggling college and work at the same time! Here he is doing some photocopying… or is he? That piece of paper looks deceivingly blank!

More “Crest in Motion” coming soon!